Sardinia Beach Map

Discover the best beaches in Sardinia with the unique "BellaSpiaggia" well-being index. Filter by daily conditions. Updated every 24 hours!

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Welcome to the Sardinia Beach Map with the "BellaSpiaggia" Index

Have you ever chosen a beach thinking it would be a perfect day, only to find that the wind was too strong, the water too rough, or the sun too timid?

Well, not anymore! With the interactive beach map, you can make informed choices based on updated weather data, including beach location in relation to wind direction, temperature, and sky conditions. 🌬️🌡️☀️

How to Use the Sardinia Beach Map with the "BellaSpiaggia" Index

Are you ready to discover your dream destination in Sardinia? Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Choose the Day 📆

At the top of the Sardinia Beach Map, you'll find two buttons: "Today" and "Tomorrow." Click on one of them to view beach conditions for the selected day.

Step 2: Filter by Index 🌡️

You'll notice three colored buttons below the day buttons: Green, Yellow, and Red. These represent the BellaSpiaggia™️ Index:

  • Green: Optimal conditions! 🌞
  • Yellow: Good, but with some reservations. 🌥️
  • Red: You might want to consider other options. 🌧️

Click on the buttons to filter beaches based on the index.

Step 3: Explore the Map 🗺️

Now that you've set your filters, it's time to explore! Hover over the map to see more details about each beach, including its current BellaSpiaggia Index.

Step 4: Click for More Info 🖱️

Interested in a specific beach? Click on its marker to see a popup with additional details and a link to its dedicated page.

Step 5: Pack Your Beach Bag and Go! 🏖️

Found the perfect beach? Fantastic! All you need to do now is pack your beach bag and enjoy a day in paradise.

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What Is the BellaSpiaggia Index, and Why Should You Know About It?

What Is It? 🤔

The BellaSpiaggia Index is a number ranging from 0 to 100 that indicates the "quality" of a beach on a given day, based on various factors such as weather conditions, wind direction, and the geographic location of the beach.

How Is It Calculated? 🧮

Calculating the BellaSpiaggia Index is not just a numbers game. It takes into account:

  • Meteorological Data: Temperature, humidity, precipitation, and clear or cloudy skies.
  • Wind Direction and Strength: Some beaches are more sheltered from the wind than others. Wind can also affect waves.
  • Geographic Location: Some beaches are sunnier during certain times of the day, thanks to their location.

Why Is It Useful? 🎯

  • Predictability: You know exactly what to expect and can plan accordingly.
  • Quick Comparison: You can easily compare different beaches and decide which one suits your needs best.
  • Enhanced Experience: No unpleasant surprises, just days of pure beach happiness!

How to Use It? 📏

  • High (81-100): Dream conditions, grab that sunscreen and go!
  • Medium (50-80): Variable conditions like brief periods of cloudiness or moderate wind.
  • Low (0-49): Maybe it's the right day to visit that museum you've always wanted to see.

Want to know more about the algorithm behind the BellaSpiaggia Index?

FAQ about the Sardinia Beach Map

What is the BellaSpiaggia™️ Index?

It's an index ranging from 0 to 100 that indicates the quality of a beach on a given day, based on various factors such as weather, wind direction, and geographic location.

How do I use the map?

Use the filters at the top to select the day and well-being index you prefer. Then explore the map and click on markers for more details about the beach.

Can I filter by more than one index at a time?

Absolutely, you can select multiple colors to view beaches with different well-being indices.

How often are the data updated?

The data are updated daily to provide the most current information possible.

Can I use the map on my mobile phone?

Yes, the map is optimized for mobile devices.

Why do some beaches have a higher index than others?

The index is influenced by various factors such as weather and wind direction. It's not a judgment of the "beauty" of the beach.

Does the index take into account the presence of jellyfish or other factors?

Currently, the index is primarily based on weather and geographical factors. It does not include information on jellyfish or other biological variables.

Can I share a beach I found with my friends?

Yes, each beach has a dedicated page that you can share via social media or email.