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Campana Dune Beach

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foto della Campana Dune Beach
Campana Dune Beach
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Campana Dune Beach: Description

The Campana Dune Beach is one of the beaches located in the territory of Domus De Maria.

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Hello, I'm Fabrizio, I've been living in Sardinia for over 34 years and I wanted to share my experience of Sardinian beaches with you!

I will guide you in discovering your perfect beach!

Characteristics and Type of Beach

Equipped beach
Surface Area: 9600 sqm
orientation south-west
cat Campana Dune Beach

The formation of the Campana Dune Beach combined with the large number of beach resorts, it reminds us of an equipped beach, with its size and shallow water, it is suitable for families with children.

With a length of 320 meters and an average width of approximately 30 meters, it has a surface area of 9600 square meters and can accommodate a maximum of 1200 people comfortably.

The Sand

Yellow sand
Very fine sand

The Beach is composed of Very fine sand sand of Yellow sand color, with vegetation behind it, mainly characterized by Mediterranean scrub.

The Sea

Water Emerald
Water Shallow
Seabed Sandy bottom

The sea has a Emerald color, with a predominantly sandy seabed.

The bathymetric lines are far apart, so the depth gradually decreases, classifying it as a beach with shallow water.

Restrictions and Protection

No Sand Collection
No Shell Collection

The Campana Dune Beach is open access, without a specific limit defined by law. The maximum capacity of 1200 people is purely indicative and is determined using the guidelines of beach resorts, assuming approximately 8 square meters per person, taking into account beach chairs or towels, umbrellas, and a perimeter passage area.

It should also be noted that on all Sardinian coasts, Article 40 of Regional Law No. 16 of July 28, 2017, paragraph 2, states: Except where the act constitutes a more serious offense, anyone who removes, possesses, sells even small quantities of sand, pebbles, stones, or shells from the coast or the sea without proper authorization or concession issued by the competent authorities is subject to an administrative fine of 500 to 3,000 euros.

Campana Dune Beach: Location

Lat: 38.888639
Lng: 8.8706127
Campana Dune Beach

The Campana Dune Beach is located at south-west of Sardinia, in an area known as Costa del Sud.

Campana Dune Beach Map

How to Get to Campana Dune Beach

Private Vehicles

You can reach the beach by private vehicle, using the road that leads to the parking area near the beach.

By Sea

You can also reach the beach by sea using small boats, either private or rented, utilizing the dedicated launching corridor on the beach. Furthermore, it should be noted that the launching corridor is generally intended for transit purposes for unloading/loading. The boat should be anchored according to the instructions of the beach staff. In the absence of a launching corridor, the boat should be moored at a certain distance from the coast. For more information, we recommend contacting the tourist information center at the municipality of Domus De Maria

Parking near Campana Dune Beach

Paid Parking

You can park near the beach using paid parking lots.

Services available at Campana Dune Beach

Presence of Lifeguard

During the peak tourist season, a lifeguard is present to ensure the safety of the beach.

Launching Corridor

The beach has one or more launching corridors for the transit of small boats to the shore.

Disabled Ramp

The :nome seeks to eliminate architectural barriers by providing access for disabled people through appropriate ramps.


During the summer season, the beach resorts offer free or paid freshwater shower facilities.

Trash Bins

There are designated areas on the beach for segregated waste collection.


Restroom facilities are available near the beach.

When is the Right Time to Visit Campana Dune Beach?

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'Bella Spiaggia' Algorithm in Campana Dune Beach

The Campana Dune Beach Described by Visitors

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Thanks to the numerous information available online, there are a series of images and descriptions from those who have already visited Campana Dune Beach.

Campana Dune Beach Photos

What Visitors Think of Campana Dune Beach

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donato montesano
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6 su 10
it Bella spiaggia, ma rovinata dai bagni attrezzati che non hanno lasciato uno spazio sufficiente alla parte libera. Mi sembra di stare in Liguria..
Ignazio solla
Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star
10 su 10
it Posto bellissimo, mare splendido, sabbia di colore oro caraibica. Molto simpatico il proprietario del chiosco Gigi, persona splendida che invoglia ancora di più a venirci.
Carlo Pagani
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10 su 10
it È 30 anni che la frequento sempre unica e meravigliosa come tante altre nel sud sardegna peccato si riducano sempre più le spiagge libere Costi alti anche x parcheggio domus de maria dovrebbe intervenire
Daniel Romanotto
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10 su 10
it Raccomandata per che vuole stare lontano dal tourismo di massa. È strettina per cui piu di due File non va. È ben attrezzata in quanto c'e un chiosco ottimo e due stabilimenti balneari. Il mare è una favola (come il 90 % di tutta la Sardegna), pulitissimo e perfetto. Lo consiglio assolutamente. Venite presto, altrimenti niente posto ;-)
Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Gray Star Gray Star
8 su 10
it Spiaggia fantastica, con un mare trasparente e pulitissimo, sabbia finissima e bianca. Ideale per una giornata al mare. Attrezzato con bar sulla spiaggia.

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